Descriptive analysis is among the most sophisticated sensory tools to help in brand building. Many companies outsource this important task to research agencies. It is our belief that the company will benefit greatly by bringing this important tool in-house so you can describe and measure your own products so that you can identify your sensory signature attributes versus key competition.

Let us design a program for your team!

  • Innovative and interactive program for fundamental and advanced topics in panel management
  • Build on your experience to expand your sensory research program
  • Discussions will address your issues and business objectives
  • We will solve problems together, working in small and large groups
  • Highlight robust and cost/time effective research tools that can help with decision making

Our approach:

  • Our customized training programs include problem-solving methodology
  • Tools and techniques will cover benchtop and pre-search methods as not everything deserves panel time, along with sensory discrimination, and descriptive analysis tools that benefit your brands
  • Applications of descriptive analysis along with fundamental and advanced panel management tools
  • Hands-on learning using products and questions relevant to your business
  • Overview of product optimization techniques that require robust descriptive data along with mapping the signature sensory experience of core products
  • Overview of using descriptive analysis for sensory claims substantiation for advertising
  • Mixture of lectures and hands-on implementation, from set-up through analysis and conclusions

These programs typically require four to six months for design and implementation.