Opening our Doors to the World!

Our training programs are designed to give back to teach principles of sensory science and help guide professionals, research departments, and FMCG companies to become self-sufficient. Sensory may look easy but the more you understand about the science, the more questions you have and the more creative you can get it its application.

Our core team of researchers was trained at UC Davis by key sensory pioneers — Rose Marie Pangborn, Howard G. Schutz, Herbert Stone, Joel L. Sidel. These pioneers loved sensory and all worked throughout their careers with other global leaders to create robust and scientific methods. We also have been trained “on the job” with so many fantastic researchers, marketers, attorneys, and staff that have allowed us to get creative in our research designs and business applications.

In fact, over the past couple of decades, we have trained more than 1000 sensory professionals from over 45 countries including Australia, Brazil, China, throughout Europe, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, North American,  Mexico, and Dubai, among many others. We also have conducted numerous training programs for individuals, sensory departments, and companies so that they may better understand the value of sensory science and utilize it more effectively in their work.

Our team designs and presents workshops and trained sensory professionals for a variety of industries in partnership with Universities and various professional organizations, customized for the audience and product category.