Create “Best in Class” Products using Product Optimization Tools 

Also known as . . .  “Where should I aim my cannons?”

This is a Dragonfly SCI specialty! Everyone has a favorite dish to serve and this is our most requested one!

Our “cannon-aiming” process utilizes the most powerful tools in sensory and consumer science that will help you understand not only what consumers want but why they like what they do. Then, using robust statistical modeling and Dragonfly SCI’s easy to use predictive tool — the Key Drivers Maximizer™ — marketing and R&D teams can understand how much they can tinker with the formulation without impacting consumer acceptance.

Use sensory science methodologies to improve your product and discover innovation opportunities.

If you want to make only one product, what should your flagship be? Or, how can you best segment the market with a product line that makes sense to your consumer? Discover how to appeal to key sensory segments, the approximate size of each segment, and determine the product profiles that have the highest appeal for each segment. Don’t create a “one size fits all” but use your skills to create crowd-pleasers along with unique ones that have segment appeal. 

These in-depth sensory and consumer research programs are conducted in stages to minimize costs and maximize learning. The goal is to learn from each phase to inform the next one. We recommend testing with the fewest products necessary to cover the broadest range of the sensory experience and we can help guide you in this effort.

Stages of Our Optimization/Best in Class Process

  • Identify your objectives – What are you trying to achieve with your product(s)?
  • Explore the category, discover ‘share of stomach’ and understand consumer’s wants and needs
  • Select a set of products for testing (current, prototypes, key competition, etc.)
  • Conduct consumer benchmarking in high/moderate CDI and BDI markets
  • Conduct sensory panel measures to understand the “why” on what consumers choose
  •         Pull it all together to determine the crowd-pleaser versus new innovation opportunities
  •         Develop products and conduct validation testing – are you better now than you were?

Dragonfly SCI has years of experience conducting these programs for major multi-national companies. They can return profits beyond expectations if you create a research team within your organization, empower them to make core decisions based on the hard data, and implement the recommended product formulation, packaging, and consumer communication changes. These programs provide clear guidance to the development and marketing teams with the consumer in mind! 

Take Flight! These predictive sensory and consumer modeling techniques are used regularly by the major multinational companies to support their brands. You can too!