Consumer Benchmarking and Product Line Optimizations

Determine the product profiles that have the broadest appeal (crowd pleasers) versus those with more segmented appeal locally, nationally, or multi-nationally. Great sensory programs help set the strategy for product improvement and new product development across the concept, product, packaging, and consumer communications.

Typical Research Components Include these Features:

  • Pre-Trial Concept
    • Measure concept appeal and flavor/variety appeal
    • Determine how your concept compares to Fast Moving Consumer Goods benchmarks
  • Product Trial
    • Understand consumer likes and purchase interest
    • Determine if the products deliver on your concept
    • Understand how your products compare relative to competition
    • Identify and prioritize areas for product improvement, if necessary
    • Determine how your products compare to FMCG benchmarks for the category
  • Packaging/Label/Communications
    • Understand consumer opinions about package/label/nutritional panels, etc.
    • Explore key front of panel versus back of panel statements
    • Prioritize importance of features and benefits based on what consumers think
  • Attitude & Usage
    • Build on your current learning from other research studies by including key questions that can help bridge your knowledge gaps.  Determine usage behavior, replacement products, and explore consumer behavior that is relevant to you for moving your brand forward.
  • We work with you to customize questionnaires and the research design so that we can provide you with the richest data for decision making. Let us partner with you!