We are actively participating and presenting in our field to spread the word about sensory and consumer sciences. Here are a few of our latest adventures!

Next-Generation Sensory Science – Food Technology Magazine – February 2023

Plant-Based Meat Challenges, Quality Pet Food Demand, Sensory Tech Toolkit– Omnivore Podcast – February 2023

We’re All Individuals, A Conversation with Becky Bleibaum – AigoraCast Podcast – February 2020

Re-Imagining Sensory Quality: New Tools and Techniques – Pangborn Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland – July 2019

Cracking the Code: Linking Mead Makers to Consumers using Sensory Science – UC Davis June 2019

Applied Sensory & Consumer Science Certificate Program for Distance Learners, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education – 2001 to present Sensory Summit: A Roaster’s Guild Event for the Speciality Coffee Association – January 2017

Sensory Panel Management in Shanghai, China – December 2017