Planting Seeds of Product Knowledge

Dragonfly SCI provides sensory data to help companies create products that feed and delight consumers around the world.

Our team has spent years perfecting sensory and consumer science tools for Fast Moving Consumer Goods for many multi-national businesses.

We are a scrappy band of highly experienced sensory and consumer insights experts born out of a conscious collaboration of global sensory and consumer scientists, experimental psychologists, marketing professionals, and thought leaders, whose purpose is to help companies make and promote better products that delight consumers around the world.  In doing this, we also want to help train our next generation of sensory scientists and move our field forward with new methodologies to better understand consumer behavior.

We want to help entrepreneurial spirited teams create ‘best in class’ products.

Our team can help you utilize the same predictive research tools that multinational companies use to ensure that you can deliver the product experience that will gain repeat purchase.

Does your product create a unique sensory experience and fulfil your brand promise, including concept, consumer communications, product, and packaging?

Use Dragonfly SCI to understand areas to highlight in product development versus where to stay away, define consumer-based key quality attributes, and understand how to measure and maintain your desired quality.

Our product-based research is designed around three important questions:

  1. What do you know about your consumers and how think they about your products?
  2. What do you think you know about why they like or don’t like your products?
  3. What do you need to know to grow your business?

Let us create hard data on which to base your decisions!